The idea of a long-term project, which involves a huge amount of redundant and seemingly senseless work, had wandered through my head for quite a long time.

A huge handmade tassle, which I found in a second hand shop in my neighbourhood,
triggered this project. The tassle was offered to me for the price of 1 euro.
From the first moment on it fascintated me: What was its story? Who had made it?
Under which circumstances and for what reason was it created?
And why was it abandoned and ended up in this shop?

The wish to experience for myself what may have gone through the maker’s head during
countless hours of work made me start this project.
As I make my own tassle, I attempt to create a vast space and find out what lies behind it,
as I am confronting.

Through the seemingly senseless work of producing this tassle I got the time and space (in the literal sense of the tassle’s growth) to examine the notion of time.
With the tassle’s progess I attempt to convey the great value that spare time takes up
within my work, my daily activities and my understanding of life.

For me spare time is a precious luxury, it offers idleness, to be in the here and now of thoughts which transcend common ones: it makes free associations possible and creates spontaneous ideas, that seem to appear out of nowhere and deeply influence my work.



photos by yasmina haddad














photos by wolfgang graschopf